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Empowering the organizations
with the power of data
Build a data-driven organization to unlock the strategic
value of enterprise data
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Cloud Adoption
Multi-cloud, vendor independent strategies to shorten time to market, increase productivity and reduce operational costs.
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Customer Focus
Design solutions to simplify complexity and allow our customers to be successful
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About Us

We are here to IT Solution with 20 years of experience

We bring analytics to life, drive better decision making and build AI-driven products. Our Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services help you adopt and scale AI for tangible enhancements across the business value chain and build market-leading AI solutions.

To enable data-driven environment for organizations

Follow agile collaborative approach to create solutions across business value chain.

Our Services

We provide IT & Business solutions

Agile Transformation

Our agile transformation roadmap helps application and software engineering leaders to identify and overcome barriers

Data Strategy

Our data strategy framework focuses on four key business areas (objectives, risks, organizational impact, adoption principles)

Data Engineering

Our mature data engineering framework enables businesses to experience faster time to delivery of data

Data Science

Our cutting-edge data science solutions with machine learning and AI enable businesses to optimize resources, minimize operational costs

Data Visualization

Our state-of-the-art visualization approach helps business drive critical insights across use cases and domains by incorporating ML

Cloud Strategy

Our approach to cloud strategy helps businesses to prioritize and align with their corporate strategy from a short-, medium- & long-term

Our Capabilities

Data Ingestion

Provide flexibility to ingest diverse data formats and types into a data lake and define schema during ingest.

Data Integration

Supporting operational or transactional data integration use cases such as master data management and interenterprise data acquisition to enable integration, consolidation, and synchronization of data related to critical business.

Identity Resolution

We offer three types of IDR solutions depending on the relationship between datasets being matched and the entities that own them.

Data Virtualization

Our DV framework reduces data integration complexity and increases data engineering agility for clients with multiple data storage types.

Data Modeling

Our data modeling approach helps to create data architectures that automate business operations and provide actionable insights.

Business Intelligence

Our BI platforms enable both technical & business users to model, analyze, explore, share, manage their data and collaborate on findings enabled by IT and augmented by AI.


We provide a dedicated architecture pattern and tools that can be optimized for your specific user experience.


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